Network Cabling

Synergy Integrated Systems specializes in design, installation, and service of network cabling infrastructures.

Design and Installation

Synergy works with our customers to design a cabling system to meet all present and future needs.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians will install your new voice / data infastructure to meet or exceed EIA/TIA requirements. All design and installation will meet city, state, and ADA building codes.

Synergy offers professional, cost effective system integration.

•  Voice and Data Cabling Design and Installation (residential & Commercial)

•  Overhead Paging Systems Design and Installation

•  Fiber Backbone Design and Installation

•  Data Center Design and Installation

•  Cable, Fiber, and Hardware Certification

•  Outside Plant Design and Installation

•  Service and Maintenance

•  25 Year Synergy & Manufacture's Warranty